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released 01 August 2004
Almus Jazz (ALM12552)
  • Mike Allen (tenor/alto/soprano sax)
  • George McFetridge (piano)
  • Julian MacDonough (drums)
  • Adam Thomas (bass-tracks 5, 7)
  • Paul Rushka (bass-all other tracks)
  1. Fearless
  2. The Man
  3. Let Your Heart Sing
  4. John Robbins
  5. Crystallized
  6. Until It's Over
  7. From A Different Angle
  8. Mingus Jump

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Fearless CD Review
by Lyle Rebbeck | Medicine Hat News

Allen writes all but one of the pieces for this recording. His writing is intelligent, melodic and always beautiful. Several tunes on this CD are very reflective and sedate in pace - truly gorgeous and moving. But when the group wants to cook, they can fly with the best of them. These pieces sound like they could be part of the jazz standards repertoire.

The trio is joined by pianist George McFetridge who integrates very well into this group; one that is used to performing as a piano-less, guitar-less trio. He provides that harmonic pad that is always implied in the trio, but does so in a very sparse and un-obtrusive manner, so the original spirit of the Mike Allen Trio is kept intact.